Play Therapy is an effective method of allowing children to use their own language of play to resolve their own challenges. Many children are unable to express with verbal communication how they feel and what they need. Playing offers them an opportunity to use play to communicate. Play Therapy is an evidence based treatment practice.  To learn more, please the Association for Play Therapy website at visit

​Pictured above - Terry Kottman is a world renowned expert in the field. She has won numerous Lifetime Achievement Awards for her work in the field of Adlerian Play Therapy.  Keeley is currently in an intense, advanced program training directly under Terry Kottman in her home over the past four years and should complete the highest level of certification in 2020 to hold an Advanced Certificate in Adlerian Play Therapy certified by LEAPT, the League of Extraordinary Play Therapists.  

These links offer additional information about the effective use of play therapy.  

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