"What would you do if you were not afraid?"

- Spencer Johnson, M.D. from Who Moved my Cheese?

This is one of my favorite quotes.  I believe that fear is often an underlying motivator for behavior. However, fear is a master of disguise and manifests in many forms within our lives.   Life changes and adjustments are a part of life for everyone.  Unfortunately, sometimes we lose our way and become "stuck".  

As a therapist, I will embark on a journey with you to uncover the things on your path that hinder your road to contentment.  As the ultimate expert on yourself,  your input will navigate our process to best create an approach to your treatment.  Of course, I will be there to help reflect observations as well as connect thoughts and feelings along your journey.  Setting goals and changing patterns will be a key component to our work.  I am a goal-focused therapist who enjoys hearing from clients about their successes.  I strongly believe that the therapy experience flows beyond a friendly conversation in my office.  I enjoy incorporating Art Therapy, Sand Tray Therapy as well as Mindfulness Practices within sessions.  I hope that this offers a glimpse into my practice and how I provide services to adult and adolescent clients.  

- Keeley Bailey, LCSW, RPT

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