Compass Counseling and Consulting LLC - Play Therapy in East Cobb

This is a great place to volunteer with the whole family.  You can find more information on their website.  The families are qualified by the school social workers of Forsyth county.  

If you are looking for a Princess to visit an event or a birthday, this is my recommendation.  This program gives 75% of its proceeds to The Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer research and Awareness.  The princesses are performing arts students and volunteers. You can learn more by clicking on the button.  

Community Resources ​

I highly recommend this one day course for $295 to offer student drivers an opportunity to experience defensive driving on the race course with a trained racecar driver.  It is so worth the money for the increase in confidence and awareness of how quickly an error can happen.  

There are many wonderful opportunities and ways to support families who are navigating this journey.  Please, consider this as an opportunity for your family to give back together.