Compass Counseling and Consulting LLC is a center to promote the growth and well being of individuals and family. Tim Elmore inspired our name in his book, Habitudes for the Journey: The Art of Navigating Transitions as he compared the use of a compass versus a GPS.  When the daily routine is present with its familiar landmarks and roads, then a GPS will assist you in navigating with these surrounding cues. However, the compass is an ancient tool which was used 2000 years ago before roads, signs and communication as we know today. When the terrain is unfamiliar and unlabeled, a compass can still guide you in the right direction.  Often, we become so dependent on the familiar cues and expectations of our world that we lose our sense of direction.  A compass offers a guide to where we want to go and what unfamiliar or new paths might take us to our destination.  I encourage you to pay attention to your compass for alternative routes versus your GPS which is preset to your daily routine.  

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